Dr. Phillip Conner's Statement on Final Passage of New Tax Plan

LAKE CHARLES, LA - Candidate for Louisiana's third congressional district Dr. Phillip Conner released the following statement regarding final passage of the partisan tax bill in Washington, D.C.:

"Under this bill, American families can't fully deduct their state and local taxes, but corporations can. Any bill that respects living, breathing, working American families less than a Wall Street entity that exists merely on a piece of paper is not designed with our people in mind. Soon, in order to cover the trillion dollar deficit created by this bill, Medicare and Social security will be on the chopping block and a new generation of Louisianans will be asked to pay, over their lifetimes, for the debt created today. The minor, short-term tax relief that many families in our district will feel is designed to be an insincere distraction from the corporate greed that has driven the passage of this legislation. I remain more committed than ever to ending the era of smoke-and-mirrors budgeting that hurts our families." 

phillip conner