Dr. Phillip Conner Honored to Speak at LFDW Meeting

LAKE CHARLES, LA-  Congressional candidate in Louisiana's third congressional district Dr. Phillip Conner was humbled and honored to speak at the Louisiana Federation of Democratic Women at the Machinists Union Hall.

Dr. Conner spoke with many of the women on the committee and answered questions that were addressed about his 2018 campaign. Dr. Conner discussed the instability of America’s current healthcare system. "It is an issue we have avoided solving for over a generation. During that time plans have come and gone. It is destroying the budgets of municipalities, businesses, and average, ordinary individuals at an alarming rate."

Furthermore, Dr. Conner spoke on his focus on economic and infrastructure demands in the district with a focus on the I-10 bridge replacement and the need for funding the coastal restoration project. Dr. Conner was given the floor for question and answer time and addressed various topics that arose.