As a physician who trained at the VA hospital in New Orleans, Dr. Conner understands the unique challenges facing our brave women and men in service. The more than 360,000 Louisiana active-duty personnel and military veterans and their families deserve a fighter who brings expertise in healthcare administration and cutting red tape to do more than just talk about supporting our troops. Despite emergency funding from the Trump administration of over $2 billion, our VA is constantly threatened with decreased funding levels that are putting the lives of our soldiers at risk.


The Department of Veteran's Affairs:

  • Supporting veteran-led reforms that focus on timely access to quality care and eliminating backlogs for claims and appeals to end the shortage of nearly 340,000 providers nation-wide
  • Fighting mental health disorders that disproportionately affect veterans through increased access to mental healthcare by working with providers and ensuring timely reimbursement to private physicians that treat veterans
  • Addressing homelessness and joblessness with veteran-led housing and education opportunities


Military and National Defense Funding:

  • Ending sequester for defense spending so our military families never fall off the “fiscal cliff.”
  • Supporting military investments in technology and equipment that will help us target our enemies in the most effective ways and ensure our brave women and men never go without the very best intelligence and safety equipment
  • Reallocating wasteful spending in other parts of the budget, including inappropriate or outdated tax expenditures, to support a stronger national defense
Veteran Salute Dr Conner 4 Congress